Made With Only The Highest Quality Ingredients, the Drink2Shrink Formula is one of the most powerful drinks on the planet! Not only does it aid in weight loss, but our customers have reported that the formula has helped to support insulin sensitivity and heart health

Drinking one gallon of the Drink2Shrink formula will completely change your life! Do you feel sluggish and tired? Have a problem with constipation? Problems with bloating and gas? The Drink2Shrink formula is for you!

Yep that's me! Thank you Drink2Shrink! 

Drink2Shrink Regular Customer

2 weeks on D2S!! 13 pounds down & counting

Drink2Shrink Regular Customer

Someone Asked me for before & after photos of my progress since doing Drink 2 Shrink. Im so happy with my results so far. I still got a little ways to go but IM PUSHING THROUGH. I feel lighter. Less problems with my knees. More energy. So i will continue on my journey with Drink 2 Shrink. Come join me

Drink2Shrink Regular Customer

Drink2Shrink has made this process really easy..... I have been diabetic since I was 23 over 20 years and this is the first time I have had total control over my blood sugar thanks to drink2shrink my A1C was always 12 or more now it is 9 and a work in progress..

Drink2Shrink Regular Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it?

Ingredients: persimmon leaf, holy thistle, malva leaf, marsh mallow leaf, blessed thistle, papaya, ginger, chamomile, & myrrh.

Where are the herbs grown and are they organic?

The herbs are organic and grown in the United States. This product is proudly made in the USA.

Does this juice need to be refrigerated once made?

YES! Please refrigerate it once you create it. It tastes best iced cold!

How long is the drink good for before it goes bad?

It is good for 2 weeks (14 days). I have not drank it after that time period.

What positive side effects could I expect?

Weight loss, increased energy, less bloating, feeling less hungry than before, loss of inches, supports insulin sensitivity and heart health

I am taking various medications. Is this safe to drink?

If you are concerned about whether or not this will affect you, please speak with your primary care doctor about the ingredients in this.

I can't have a lot of sugar (diabetic, doing keto, etc). Can I drink this?

YES! This is 100% sugar free!

Do I have to exercise and/or eat right for this to work?

We provide you with a meal plan but most of my clients do not work out or change their eating much and they have great results. . We are all different so only you know how much effort you are willing to put in to lose what you need to lose.

Can I use Drink2Shrink If I Am Pregnant or Nursing?

Drink2Shrink is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Does the Drink2Shrink Formula contain caffeine?

No, The Drink2Shrink is naturally caffeine-free. That being said, the result of its cleansing effect causes many clients to feel more energized.

How much should I drink?

To experience the health benefits, drink 8 ounces of Drink2Shrink Formula two or three times a day. 

For how long can I drink the Drink2Shrink Formula?

You can consume the Drink2Shrink Formula as long as you want. (our Drink2Shrink has NO SENNA, which leaves a residue in the colon that could lead to health problems.) Many people enjoy drinking Drink2Shrink every day with meals and snacks. Some drink it as needed to keep up their health  and weight loss.

How much Drink2Shrink does each pack make?

Each pack of Drink2Shrink makes a gallon, which equals to a one-week supply for one person.

Is this formula safe for children?

Yes, the formula is safe for children to drink. However, we recommend the child drink between 2 to 4 oz of the formula a day. You may need to adjust the amount up or down depending on how it effects the child’s bowel movements. Remember, the child should be regulated to 2 or 3 bowel movements per day. We do NOT recommend it for children UNDER the age of 10!

Shipping Policy

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Return Policy

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